Great Aussie businesses – Points to be noted

When you are just getting started in terms of network marketing and at home business, all the information that you are trying to process seems to come at you at a very quick pace. Luckily, there are a few sources out there that can help you find your feet and not only survive but prosper; Australian Business & Money Making Opportunities is one of the sources that can help you figure out how to function in the world of small business. With sources like Australian Business & Money Making Opportunities, you’ll be able to figure out exactly what is going on and what you need to do make sure that you get ahead and stay ahead.

If you are interested in Australian Business & Money Making Opportunities, there is a good chance that you are interested in starting your own home business. There are many opportunities open to you, from direct sales to network marketing, and you’ll find that there are a wide variety of options available, whether you are interested in making contacts online or whether you want to host parties. How can you tell what opportunity is right for you?

With Australian Business & Money Making Opportunities, you’ll have many of the basic questions answered. The issue is not necessarily that these questions are difficult. More likely than not, they are quite simple, but only if they have been explained to you. This is the sort of information that is so very necessary to people new to network marketing but that they so seldom receive in a timely fashion. You’ll have many questions that you’ve wanted answered addressed clearly and with an even hand.

The variety of articles that you’ll find in Australian Business & Money Making Opportunities is of a very basic variety, but they are invaluable to newcomers and will often give people who have been in the field for a while a few new tips. You’ll find things like basic moneymaking tactics, writing successful advertising copy and various techniques for inducing customers to buy your goods. This is all good information that can keep you grounded when you are looking at a great deal of new information.

If you are in a situation where you are looking at starting a new career, you might realize that an at home opportunity is perfect for you. Think about what you can do when you are looking for a way get ahead and make sure that you don’t do it alone. Having a guide like Australian Business & Money Making Opportunities around can make sure that your transition from one sphere to the other is quick, painless and profitable!

Great Aussie businesses – Important Info

When it comes to getting a website for your business, it is essential that you understand your MWO before you even make a start.

MWO = Most Wanted Outcome.

For most sensible business owners that should be: To make money for my business. Oodles of money.

NOTE: This will definitely vary from business to business but failing to establish this first, is like going on a long journey with no destination in mind. A foolish thing to do in any business.

Sadly, the average Aussie business owner often fails to do this and ends up with a website that is really nothing more than an expensive glorified brochure.

So BEFORE you start…

What do you want your website to do for you?

Generate more leads?

Build an opt-in database for email marketing?

Train existing clients?

Serve as an automated follow-up system?

Have a membership section?

Act as an online forum to create a sense of community online and establish your business as leaders in your industry?Ever wondered why there are so many Aussie websites might look great , but are dismal failures when it comes to actually making sales…

Could it be that…

Too many webmasters simply fail ask the right questions! (Makes you wonder if they know the answers?)

Such as:

How do you want to get traffic to your site? (They should give you at least 20 options here) PLUS they should show you how they work in their own business.What is your business marketing plan and where does a website fit into it?

Do you need audio on the site?


Do you need a ‘squeeze’ page? (If they do not ask you that – dont walk – RUN! until you find a webmaster who does!)

Links pages?


How about streaming video?

What are your goals for the site?

Do you need a blog or a standard website?

What do you need to know about hosting? SEO?

And my favourite question…

Would you like us to create a website for your business with a step-by-step web marketing plan?

NOTE: Because most webmasters couldnt market themselves out of a paper bag if their very lives were hanging in the balance, perhaps that is why many of them don’t ask you that one too often!

But it isn’t all gloom and doom…You really can have a business website that makes the sale.Not just once or twice but over and over and over again! Like a demented popcorn machine on steroids, your website can generate targeted, ready-to-buy leads 365 days a year!

But you need to get a web designer that can offer you more than just a fancy brochure.Finally, an industry secret that can give you a fiendishly clever advantage over your toughest competitors…Add a contact form to your site that does the job of sorting out the just browsing from the serious and ready-to-buy prospects.Over the years, using a simple form like this has been responsible for literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra sales!

Getting a website can be like doing handstands on a tightrope – you might want to print this article out and use it as a simple checklist…

Great Aussie businesses – Intro

There are many reasons to starting a business in Australia.  As long as you follow the rights steps for setting up your business, then you will set yourself up for success.  There are three main types of businesses you can start in Australia and certain benefits to each.  I have seen many new business fail miserably, and I have seen some start-up Aussie businesses become very successful.  The thing that the successful Australian businesses have in common is that the founders were passionate and, therefore, motivated.  Don’t start a business out of the sole desire to make money.  Donald Trump and Warren Buffet have both said do what you love and the money will follow.  If you love to cook, then open a restaurant.  If you’re a lawyer, then don’t open an online store.  Got it?  Get it?  Good!

First, think long and hard about what you love to do.  Later on you can figure out how to make money from the one thing you are truly passionate about.  If you’re an artist, then paint or practice whatever medium of self expression you love.  If you’re smart enough to follow your dreams, then you will be smart enough to figure out how to make money from it.

A good place start looking around for business ideas is in your own house.  Go ahead, look around the room you’re in and find an area that has a problem that needs to be fixed or causes irritation or frustration.  That unorganized stack of business cards in the corner, CD’s everywhere (itunes, ipod, etc.), dirty window, shelves that are too high, pile of laundry in the middle of the floor, etc.  Everything has potential for the next great thing.

Next, you will want to decide which type of business to open in Australia.  You can chose from sole trader, partnership, and company.  These are the three ways to start up a business in Australia and here are the tax benefits of each.

A sole trader is the least expensive and easiest business to start in Australia.  A “sole trader” status business is not a separate entity for tax purposes.  Therefore, you are taxed at the same rate as your personal income tax.  This may be good or bad, depending on how much you earn with your business.  In Australia the business tax is a flat rate of 30%, while personal income tax is a progressive rate system.  The highest rate for personal income tax in Australia is 45%.  If you would be in a higher tax bracket, then it makes sense to form your own company, but if you don’t plan on making much money the first year then register your business as a sole trader so you pay less taxes.